ROOFTOP SOLAR Power Plants in Surat Smart City

Solar Rooftop installation interest registration closed!!

What is a Solar Rooftop?

A grid-connected ROOFTOP solar photovoltaic (PV) system generates electricity from sun using the solar panels mounted on roof of residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial buildings. Depending upon shadow-free area available on the rooftop, a plant of size 1–500 kW may be installed, as per Central Govternment scheme.

Why Solar Rooftop?

  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Requires no additional land
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Gives higher rate of return than banks
  • Contribes to ‘green economy’
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Mitigate climate change

What is the cost of Solar Rooftop?

Approximate cost of 1 kWp rooftop solar PV project is 48,300 including, installation charges and excluding cost of storage batteries.


  • Central Government - 30 % of maximum Benchmark Cost i.e. Rs. 60/- Watt
  • State Government – Subsidy to Residential Consumer of 10,000/- kWp upto a maximum of 20,000

Surat Municipal Corporation

SMC understands that design and implementation of RTS projects requires substantial coordination of several agencies, viz DISCOMs (net metering & bill settlement), Ministry and state nodal agency (release of subsidy), Banks (Loan), Developers/Aggregators/ EPC contractor (project implementation & operation) etc.

SMC is playing the role of facilitating agencies to smoothen and fasten the process for installation of grid-connected solar rooftop systems.

SMC will aggregate the demand of solar rooftop and transfer it to GEDA/SECI for further installation through their selected agencies.

How to Install Solar Rooftop System at your Home?

Step 01
  • Apply
Step 02
  • GEDA’s/SECI empanelled agencies will contact you
Step 03
  • Agency will obtain “No Objection Certificate” from concerned DISCOM
  • Pre-feasiblity study of site by the developer
Step 04

Agency will install and commission the SPV Plant

Step 05

Agency will collect the balance cost payable by beneficiary after deducting subsidy payable by GEDA/MNRE

Step 06

Applicant has to pay connectivity charges and execute connectivity agreement with Distribution Licensee

Step 07

Agency will provide 5 year comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) to benificery