Central Policy

Aim: Promote installation of grid connected SPV rooftop and small SPV power plants in the residential, community, institutional, industrial and commercial establishments.

Project Capacity: The size of System can be any size from 1 kWp to 500 kWp

Target for solar rooftop: India has taken a target for installation of 40,000 MW of solar rooftop by year 2021-22.

  • Implementing Agencies: The agencies which are eligible for implementation of rooftop scheme
    • SNAs
    • Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI)
    • Channel Partners
    • FIs/Financial Integrators and Banks
    • Other Govt. Departments/Agencies/PSUs etc.
  • Central Financial Assistance (CFA): The CFA or subsidy is the amount of financial assistance provided by the central government to reduce the up-front cost to the solar plant

    At present the CFA is 30 % of the benchmark cost i.e. Rs. 75/Watt or tendered cost whichever is lower.

  • Who is eligible to claim CFA/Subsidy
    • Residential
    • Institutional
    • Social sector

    Government department and institution eligible for performance linked incentive. Details of the performance linked incentive is mentioned below.

    Step to Follow

    • Process for getting incentives for government departments and institutions
    • Assessments of Rooftop area
    • Present level of electrical consumptions
    • Average tariff
    • Asses financial savings
  • Government department will intimate their yearly target for the installation of plants to the implementing agencies
  • Based on the achievement of the set target, incentives can be claimed by the government departments through the implementing agencies
Achivement vis-à-vis target allocation Incentives for general category states Incentives for special category states
80% and above within the sanctioned period Rs. 18,750/- per kW Rs 45,000/- per kW
Below 80% and upto 50% within the sanctioned period Rs 11,250/- per kW Rs 27,000/- per kW
Below 50% delayed commissing upto 6 months beyond the sanctioned period Rs 7,500/- per kW Rs 18,000/- per kW