Net Metering Regulation

About Regulation

The regulation is required for connecting the solar plants with the Distribution Company (DISCOMs)/ Electricity Utility network.

Regulations for net metering rooftop SPV grid interactive systems were made by Gujarat Electricity and Regulatory Commission GERC (abbreviation required on top) and it came into force in June 2016.

This regulation shall apply to consumers of electricity of distribution licensee in the State of Gujarat. This regulation defines the eligibility criteria, size of plant to be installed, connectivity level, and energy accounting methods for rooftop SPV plants in the state of Gujarat. It also defines the technical standards and procedures to be followed.

Eligibility Criteria

Any consumer having legal possession of the premises including the rooftop or terrace or building or infrastructure or open areas of the land or part or combination thereof are eligible to install solar plant.

Size of Solar Plant

The maximum capacity of GCRTSPV plant to be installed at any Eligible consumer’s premises shall be up to a maximum of 50% of consumer’s sanctioned load/contract demand; maximum and minimum capacity of plant under this regulation could be 1 MWp and 1 kWp, respectively.

Example- A residential consumer having a sanctioned load of 5 kW can put up a solar plant of capacity 2.5 kWp or less in his premise.

Connectivity Levels

The connectivity levels in grid for different size of solar plant is mentioned below.

Sr. No. Connected load of Eligible Consumer Connectivity level
1 Up to 6 kW 240 V—single phase
2 Above 6 kW and up to 18.65 kW 415 V—Three phase
3 Above 18.65 kW and up to 100 kW/kVA 415 V—Three phase
4 Above 100 kW/kVA HT level

Energy Accounting

The energy generated by a grid connected solar plant is recorded by the bidirectional energy meters that are installed in the consumer premise by the distribution licensee. These meters will record both import and export of energy.

The net- import and export of electricity will be adjusted on monthly basis by the DISCOM.