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DETAILS OF Other Projects of West Zone

Project Description Location Cost  (Rs.)
1 Costruction of Primary School at T.P.No.30, F.P.No.R16 near Hitendranagar T.P.30 3500000.00
2 Construction of Primary School near Rammadhi Jahangirpura Jahangirpura 1500000.00
3 Costruction of Primary School at T.P.No.10, F.P.No.32 Mahadev nagar, Adajan 3023932.49
4 Costruction of Staff Quatars at T.P.No.12, F.P.No.123 T.P.12 9908369.49
5 Costruction of Sports Hall at R.S.No.21 Rander 1885489.70
6 Costruction of Primary School at R.S.No.128 Ramnagar 5767583.31
7 Costruction of Primary School at T.P.No.13, F.P.210 Adajan 3950000.00
8 Costruction of Health Center at Tika No.5, C.Sno.156 Rander 2500000.00
9 Costruction of High School at T.P.No.11, F.P.No.60 (paiki) Divalibag 3563243.71
10 Costruction of Health Sub Center at T.P.No.30, F.P.No.32 Morabhagal 1242682.10
11 Costruction of City Civic Center at T.P.No.12, F.P.No.75 (paiki) Adajan 848367.25
12 Costruction of Health Center at T.P.No.13, F.P.No.170  Adajan 4492797.44
13 Costruction of Party Plot at Tika no.5, Nondh no.140 Rander 1223043.84
14 Costruction of U.C.D. center near sultaniya zymkhana  wier-cum causeway 845268.74
15 Costruction of Vegetable Market at T.P.No.12, F.P.No.79 (paiki) Adajan 2100000.00
16 Costruction of Vegetable Market at T.P.No.13, F.P.No.228  Adajan 1500000.00
17 Costruction of Vegetable Market at T.P.No.11, F.P.No.18 (paiki) Adajan 1844099.39
18 Construction of Sports Complex Building at T.P.S.No.12, F.P.No.143 Adajan 25925000.00
19 Construction of  Avas Yojna for Fourth Class sweeper at T.P.S.No.30, F.P.No.120 Rander 10723408.63
20 Construction of School Building at D.T.P.S.No.42(Jahangirabad) Plot No.R-25 Jahangirabad 5826314.26
21 Construction of School Children Hall at T.P.S.No.13, F.P.No.86 Adajan 6847846.22
22 Construction of Senior Citizen cum Multi Perpose Hall at T.P.S.No.10, F.P.No.98 Adajan 12737914.13
23 Construction of Community Hall at T.P.S.No.11, F.P.No.60(Paikee) Adajan 18250000.00
24 Construction of Kavi Narmad School Near Mandavi ovara, At. Rander Gam 7871984.53